Cube is a basic module of PingPong. Combination of Cubes and links, users can make various Robot models. Each Cube has one stepper motor and a battery with various sensors and can be controlled by smart devices via Bluetooth or an infrared remote controller., Proximity sensor,Piezo Buzzer, Color LED, Link hole, Acc&Gyro sensor, Extension port,BAT&BT LED, Power button,Charging connector,Origin detect sensor,Step motor.
GOAL, FUN&EASy:Enable users to enjoy various activities of PingPong through smart devices or an IR controller.,AFFORDABLE:PingPong has various combination of products and all the different series has a reasonable price., EXTEND:Assembled within 1 minute. Users can build plenty of PingPong models, design, and any types of robots they imagine.
ESSENCE! TINY&SMART. HUGE ABILITY!, PingPong users enjoy various activities by smart devices and an IR controller. PingPong has various combination of products, all has a reasonable price. PingPong models can be assembled within only 1 minute. Users can build plenty of PingPong models, design, and any types of robots they imagine., SOUND, ACTION,SENSE,LIGHT
SOLUTION, GENIUS PINGPONG, LoT ROBOT, PingPong is based on a single modular robot named 'Cube'. Each Cube has its own controller, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, origin sensor, stepper motor, servo motor interface, and battery. The Cube has symmetrical interface holes on 6 faces to connect links on them. With combination of Cubes and links, you can make any types of robots you imagine. PingPong can be controlled by 'PingPong Robot' App with smart devices or by an IR remote controller without using of any smart device.
INNOVATION, PINGPONG, LoT MODULAR ROBOT, PingPong enables you build whatever you like: racing cars, walking robots, crawling robots and any other robots that you can see on YouTube. With the unique concept of symmetrical Cube, thanks to various linkage systems, the only limit is your imagination!
MODELS, Auto Car, Balancing Bot, Tank Bot, Crab Bot, Worm Bot, Duck Bot, Seal Bot, Acrobat Bot, Rolling Car, Cleaner Bot, Ant Car, Twist Bot(4), Drawing Bot, Battle Bot, Human Bot, Twist Car, Shooting Bot, Scara Bot, Robot Arm, Joint Car, Twin Car, Bridge Bot, Omni Bot, Dancing Bot, Crawling Bot, Biped Bot, Hex Bot, Horse Bot, Skid Bot, Quad Bot, Smart Tank, Snake Bot
SUPPORT, MODE:PingPong has two modes to control; One on the 'PingPong Robot; App with smart devices and another one through an IR remote controller., MODEL:Select the model on the 'PingPong Robot' App and connect your model. Assemble the robot and enjoy playing the model. For the IR Remote Control Mode, simply attach the IR receiver block to any cube and assemble the cube model., ASSEMBLY:Each robot model on PingPong can be assembled within 1 minute. In the asseembly view, users can easily build the model following 5 kinds of figures on the Cube surfaces, such as circle, triangle, rectangle, star, heart icon., ACTIVITY: Every PingPong model has its own joystick/button control activity. Users can enjoy the robots controlling by the joystick/button interface on the 'PingPong Robot' App or the IR remote controller button. *Drawing Activity. *Motion Maker Activity.